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ASolid’s SD Memory card controllers are designed to support NAND Flash memories from all NAND vendors. Our firmware is developed and verified with the most critical testing conditions, with thousands of in-house built test scripts ; reliability, product stability, compatibility and outstanding R/W performance are guaranteed and provided.


ASolid SD controller authentication checking solution

AS2705ENLT supports Samsung V6 512Gb TLC

AS2705ENLT supports WD / KIOXIA BiCS5 512Gb TLC

AS2705ENLT supports Samsung V6 256Gb TLC

AS2705ENLT supports the latest 3D NAND flash

AS2705ENLT supports YMTC WDS 1Tb TLC

AS2705ENLT supports Hynix V7 512Gb TLC

AS2705EN supports KIOXIA / WD BiCS5 512Gb TLC

AS2705EN supports SK Hynix V7 512Gb TLC

Leading Pioneer ASolid+SanDisk BiCS4 256Gb

Grand Launch – ASolid + Samsung 3D V4

AS uSD A1 Speed + 3D Nand Flash ready to go

Outstanding Asolid +Skhynix 3D V5

Distinguished ASolid newest SD CTL “AS2705EN’’

ASolid AS2703ENLT-DA supports Micron B27A

Teamwork between Chinese NAND JGS & ASolid controller creates new sparks.

AS2705EN- Combination of good quality and speed

AS2705EN supports QLC N28A

Quality Verification— ASolid checking tool

AS2705EN supports SK Hynix 3D V6

AS2705EN supports Micron B37R

AS2705EN supports Samsung 3D V5 NAND

AS2703ENLT-DA supports Samsung 3D V5

AS2707EN-DI supports BiCS4 96L NAND

AS2705EN supports Micron B47R

AS2705EN supports Intel 144L

AS2705EN supports YMTC JGS A2 Solutions

ASolid controller AS2705EN supports YMTC TAS 512Gb TLC

ASolid SD CTL AS2703ENLT-DA supports Samsung 3D V6 512Gb 136L TLC.

ASolid SD CTL AS2705EN supports KIOXIA/ WD BiCS5 512Gb 112L TLC

AS2705EN supports Micron B47R

Excellent speed & Extraordinary quality are performed by AS2705EN

AS2703ENLT-DA supports WD 3D BiCS5, providing customers the dependable & outstanding performance!

AS2705EN supports Hynix V7 512Gb 176L TLC

ASolid AS2707EN-DI supports BiCS5 512Gb 112L TLC NAND

ASolid AS2705EN supports Solidigm 1Tb 144L QLC NAND

AS2705EN with SK Hynix V7 is currently undergoing mass production

AS2705EN supports Micron 1Tb 176L QLC

Level up A2 Solution!! Get ready with AS2705EN

AS2705ENLT Dazzling debut!

AS2705ENLT supports BiCS5 512Gb 112L TLC

AS2705ENLT supports Micron B47R 512Gb 176L TLC

AS2705ENLT supports SK Hynix V6 512Gb 128L TLC

AS2705ENLT supports YMTC TAS 512Gb 128L TLC

AS2705EN supports Micron N48R 1Tb QLC

AS2705ENLT supports Samsung V6 256Gb

AS2705ENLT supports Micron B58R 1Tb TLC

AS2705EN supports Samsung V6 512Gb

AS2705ENLT supports Samsung V6 256Gb TLC

AS2705ENLT supports YMTC TAS 512Gb 128L TLC

AS2705ENLT supports SK Hynix V6 512Gb 128L TLC